Manila.js Fridays 016

A meetup about the updates in the Javascript community that is brought to you by the Manila.JS Javascript Developer Community this February 5, 2016 at 7 P.M. that will be held at VentureSpace PH, 724 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.


  • Joe Palala COGNIZANTu-jpalabs
    • Joe lovingly calls his talk “Asyncs, Promises, and avoiding callback hell.” He’ll talk about dealing with complexities in wrangling long-running functions, and harnessing Javascript’s power to build fast, reliable apps using asynchronous callbacks.


  • Rico Sta. Cruz MASHUPGARAGE
    • Are you wondering why npm is slow? Rico will be sharing his experiences in building pnpm, a faster implementation of npm.

Manila.js Fridays happens (usually) every first Friday of the month. Everybody’s welcome! Expect learning, fun, and happy conversations from people just like you. This event is free. Bring your friends!

For Registration, go to this link:


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