Tayo na! Selfie Pa more… Online Photo Contest

For those who loves to do selfies, here is the chance to win while taking your selfies and posting in the proudly Pinoy social media site: tayona.ph or “TayoNa!”.

These are the instruction on how to join the contest:

  1. Who could be contestants in the online photo contest?
  • Any registered member can join “tayona.ph”s online photo contest.
  1. How can I join the online photo contests?
  • (A) Just click the tab “Join this Contest” tab at your desired Photo contest


  • (B) Click “to set your photo entry”


  • (C) Choose photo in your Photo Album, click “add this photo to contest
  • (D) Click OK, then click “Join this contest” again, presto! You’re a Candidate!
  1. What are the benefits of joining the contests?
  • All Photo Contest Candidates will earn 30% of all “eGifts” amount received from his/her voters that is purchased only with Value Points.
  • Candidates can win the Contest Prizes. Per Category, there will be one (1) Grand Prize winner of P10, 000 cash (1) Second Prize winner of P5, 000 cash and (1) Third Prize winner of P3, 000 cash.
  1. Can I join more than 1 (one) photo contest?
  • Yes, you can join more than 1(one) or all the Photo Contest, but entries should correspond to the Photo Contest theme.


  1. Can I change my uploaded photo/s in the contest?
  • Yes, actually it is encouraged that time and again your update your contest photo to keep your followers intrested. The contest can accommodate 2 personal photos at a time. Just click “update my photo” tab.                                      
  1. How are the winners of the photo contest determined?
  • A The Candidate with the highest accumulated amount of e-Gifts received both from Value Points & Free Login Points after the contest period as stated in the Contest Mechanics, will be declared the winner.
  • The numbered ranking is in Real Time, updated once a vote entry is received by the system.

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