Experience Hult in Manila

Hult International Business School is currently having a session here at the Isabella Ballroom A of Makati Shangri-la. They are discussing the benefits of studying in their school. The speaker has said that the essence of business is all about winning by getting out of your way and by mastering your technique. The speaker also said that by reading someone else work, you borrow other People’s brain. He also said that you must not become obsolete and the way not to become obsolete is to master the core concepts and techniques.  The speaker quoted Bertrand Russell that the many people would rather die than to think. The speaker said that do the fundamentals well, sort the technique and perfect the technique. He said that the fundamentals would get you out in the times of problems. He said that we must produce and not consume. He also said that branding is important so dare to be different. He also talked about the ‘surplus society’ which is not good because it means that you are just doing the same as others. The speaker is great and he is very lively and enthusiastic.


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