[FFRK]Nightmare Dungeons: Crushdown Record

A new nightmare dungeon were opened at 5:00 PM of April 23, 2016 (1:00 AM April 24, 2016 UTC) until 4:59 PM May 3, 2016 PST (12:59 AM May 4, 2016 UTC). The deep record realms of the Nightmare contain dungeons filled with extremely powerful foes and this dungeons can only be entered during a certain time each month. There are twelve Nightmare Records in all, and each month a new one becomes available and if you cannot complete a Nightmare dungeon during the time it is available, you can try again completing it in the following month.

What are the Entrance Requirements?

Complete the North Mines classic dungeon in the FF VI realm to unlock the Nightmare dungeon.

The Crushdown Record, key to creating the 6★ combat ability Crushdown and the 6★ materials needed to create and hone it, as well as the 6★ accessory Aurora Armlet can be obtained in the new Nightmare dungeons.
Souls of Heroes, used to restore the records of heroes you wish to recruit, and Memory Crystal Lodes and Memory Crystal II Lodes for breaking a hero’s level cap, are also available.

  • Materials

Crushdown Record
Needed to create the 6★ ability Crushdown.
Power Crystal, Earth Crystal
Needed to create and hone the 6★ ability Crushdown.

  • Accessories

6★ Aurora Armlet
Effect: Adds major holy resistance.
Stat Boosts with Nightmare Shift!


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