[FFRK] Consorting with Sky Pirates

Consorting with Sky Pirates challenge event launched at 5:00 PM April 25, 2016 PST (1:00 AM April 26, 2016 UTC) and will end at 4:59 PM May 5, 2016 PST (12:59 AM May 6, 2016 UTC)
Recruit FF XII characters Basch, Vaan, Ashe, Balthier, Fran, and Penelo, and find their Memory Crystals but if you have already recruited one of the featured heroes, or have already acquired a particular Memory Crystal, you will receive a Greater Growth Egg instead.

  • New Accessory

4★ Blazer Gloves (XII)
Effect: Attack +20

Vaan Memory Crystal II, Balthier Memory Crystal II, Penelo Memory Crystal II and the 4★ machinist ability Confuse Shell can all be obtained in the Bonus Battles!

  • New Ability

4★ Confuse Shell
Type: Machinist
Effect: Deal ranged physical damage to one target, with a high chance to Confuse it. Deals more damage to Confused targets.


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