[FFRK]Twin Stars of Mysidia

Recruit Palom and Porom! Twin Stars of Mysidia challenge event  was launched at 5:00 PM May 9, 2016 PST (1:00 AM May 10, 2016 UTC) and will be available up to 4:59 PM May 19, 2016 PST (12:59 AM May 20, 2016 UTC). This is a Final Fantasy IV event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Rewards Recruit Palom, Porom, Cecil (Dark Knight), Rydia, Rosa, and Tellah, and get their Memory Crystals.

*If you’ve already recruited one of the featured heroes, or have already acquired a particular Memory Crystal, you’ll receive a Greater Growth Egg instead. Palom Memory Crystal II, Porom Memory Crystal II, Rydia Memory Crystal II, and the 5★ Sanguine Cross and 4★ Dark Bargain darkness abilities are all available in the Bonus Battles!

New Abilities

5★ Sanguine Cross
Type: Darkness
Effect: Deal two dark physical attacks to one target, and deal moderate damage to the user proportional to their max HP.

4★ Dark Bargain
Type: Darkness
Effect: Deal dark physical damage to one target, temporarily raise the user’s Attack, and temporarily lower the user’s Defense.

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