PHISSUG Sessions – S01E05 – SQL Server in 2016

Philippine SQL Server Users Group  is now back with it’s traditional database centric tech-talks. The event registration starts at 6:00PM.

PHISSUG’s Sessions now resumes with the theme of “SQL SERVER IN 2016”

2016 is marked by a lot of exciting development in technology and politics in the Philippines. This month, we anticipate the release of Microsoft’s brand new SQL Server 2016. In the next few days, we will be able to enjoy new features that would make our world as database pro exciting than before.

Toto Gamboa, Microsoft MVP for Data Platform / SQL Server, tackles performance from a new perspective. JonelleCastañeda,product owner at LanWorks Pte Ltd,discusses what JSON support allows us to accomplish in 2016, Argelo Bautista, full stack developer, presents PowerBI. MarkVillariña, Architecture Engineer at GSoft, shows how to scrape JSON data from public websites to Azure’s SQL database.

  • Please bring your printed tickets! This will serve as your dinner tickets.
  • This is a FREE EVENT
  • Due to change in event security policy, NO WALK-IN GUESTS are allowed. If your name does not appear on 6750’s lobby list, you will not be allowed to enter. 
  • Free SQL Server / Developer consulting pero KKB ang kape for post event activities 🙂
  • Sorry .. No attendance certificate

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