Technology, Privacy and Public Safety: When Worlds Collide

Ten years ago, businesses looked at cloud technology as a major risk that needed careful study. Today, most business leaders acknowledge their biggest risk is not moving to the cloud. By 2018, the total devices market will be at 2.5 billion devices. By 2020, there will be more than 20 billion internet connected products in use.

As with all technology, there are those that will use it for good and some that will use it for more sinister purposes. Today, governments around the world are struggling to keep up with technology advances that are making it harder than ever to ensure their citizens are safe from criminals and terrorists that are using technology in more sophisticated ways. How do we balance the need for technology providers to ensure the privacy consumers so desperately need to confidently use these new solutions while also ensuring governments can lawfully access information to stop the bad guys?

Join Neal Suggs, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Legal & Corporate Affairs Group at Microsoft and Nate Jones, Senior Attorney, Legal & Corporate Affairs Group, Microsoft for the Technology, Privacy and Public Safety: When Worlds Collide Webinar on June 7, 2016 at 10:00 am PST to learn more about the issues of data privacy in a world of accelerating technology growth and escalating geopolitical risk.

Register today to learn:

  1. What Microsoft’s position is on crucial societal issues of security and privacy and law enforcement access to data
  2. How Microsoft’s cloud services uphold technology users’ needs for security and privacy
  3. How Microsoft works to ensure customers have transparency on law enforcement access to their data and how we work to ensure the law continues to evolve as technology advances

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