Blogging 101

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Blogging 101 that happened at 26A Voffice, Rufino Tower, Makati City. This event has been attended by 7 bloggers including David Ferro of Life’s and Times of Rich Valor, Eunis Ann Campijiyos of EunisDG, Jaena Jimenez of Jenal Branch, Jerzee Benavente of Coffee and Beyond Blog and the speaker herself, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas. This event happened last July 15, 2016 from 1:00 PM up to 6:00 PM. This event is thru invitation by PinoyBlogger and Tag Media.

The event was started by having all of the attendees to tell something about themselves. Then Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas tackled first about on how you could expand your reach. Base on the talk she had made, the first thing that you must make and have is a website so that the people searching about your products or about you would see some information and to verify that you are real. Then next, you must a social media presence. Based on a study about how many of the 40 million Filipinos are using social media, 73.1% are using Facebook, 18.1% are using Youtube and 6.1% are using Twitter. There are only 3.8% of the Filipinos who are visiting and reading blogs based on that same study. Based on that same study too, that Filipinos are active in Facebook for about 95% of the time.Lastly, Engr. Grace had said that you must advertise online to fully extend your reach to your target clients. She also said that it is good to really invest advertising online to get an organic reach against buying likes or have a lot of followers but they are not your target client. She also said that you must also be credible and consistent on what you are posting to your blog.

The second part of the workshop is about the Social Media Do’s and Dont’s and Personal Branding. She enumerated it as: Don’t be negative, Don’t engage with bashers, Focus on your niche, If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for it, and lastly, what you can’t say offline, don’t say it online. She also talked about the five things that we should know and follow as a blogger etiquette. These are: Content is King, Have Integrity, Dress Up, Copyright Law, and lastly, Network, especially to the PR officers. The last topic is about content creation. She said that we must remember that in creating content, we must answer these questions: What, Where, Who, When, How, Body, and Objective. Then after that she gave us an activity as the last part of the workshop that we must create an article about the workshop in past tense.

The objective of this workshop is to help bloggers in reaching more people and reaching their target market and also to create a valuable and informative content for the benefit of the readers.


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