Ampalaya Against Diabetes This National Diabetes Awareness Month

Did you know that bitter gourd also known as Ampalaya  is one of the ten herbal plants whcih was recognized by the Philippine Department of Health which is effective in maintaning the level of our blood sugar.

This coming August 11, 2016, they will be having an interview with Dr.Emil Aligui, Medical Consultant of Natural Quality Corporation at the program titled “Baranggay Simbayanan” on 9:40-9:50 in the morning at Veritas 846.

The Natural Quality Corporation is the company responsible in producing and selling of Ampalaya Plus. It is a natural dietary food supplement which helps maintaining our blood sugar level.

Dr.Emil Aligui, Medical Consultant of Natural Quality, will share to us about the benefits of having bitter gourd or ampalaya to be part of our daily diet.

For further information about the benefits of using Ampalaya plus, please watch the video testimonial which is part of the facebook post on which the link is just below.


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