Sun Life’s #LiveBrighter Event For Millennials

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An event by Sun Life was been held last Wedndesday night, August 17, 2016 at Aracama Fort Strip, BGC. This event is part of the #LiveBrighter series which is all about teaching millennials on the importance of having an investment and teaching the millennials that they can become a (Sun Life) financial advisor. This event was being attended by bloggers of all ages, especially the millennials. There were many bloggers who have attended the event even though of the rainy weather and a heavy traffic within the area. Some of the bloggers were not been able to attend the session because of the traffic but they have been able to participate at the quiz night after the session has ended.

The event was great and the staffs were very courteous. The place is very comfortable and food was great, I especially like the soup and the dessert. The event proper was very informative. I had learned so many things, especially in investing and saving our hard earned money. I had learned that you must know what things do you like doing most and what jobs have you done excellently in the past to find the path or career that you must take so that you could become successful. You should know where do your money goes so that you would not end up broke. Being a financial advisor is not just beneficial to you but also to those that you help by giving financial advice on where to invest. They might be a family member, a friend or a stranger. I have been inspired by the lives of the speaker that they are once broke when they only had a regular job even they some sideline projects but when they learn more about investing and the two of them became a financial advisor, that’s the time that they had #LiveBrighter. I have been enlightened by the session because I myself as a blogger is having a hard time in having a good financial status, even way back then that I was a college professor, I still have some financial problems that cannot be resolved just by having an eight to five jobs but could be resolved by saving and investing money to such investment funds such as mutual funds. After the informative session is the quiz night which happened outside the Aracama Restaurant at BGC but I decided to go home after the easy round because it is starting to rain.

Overall, the event was great and informative. The event is good for every age group, especially the millennials who are starting to think about having an insurance and an investment.

I am also thanking Mr.Brian Macasa and Mr. Arnel Bautista for the photos


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