Precious Pelikula Filmmaking Contest Media Screening

Precious Hearts Romances (PHR) launches its first Precious Pelikula Filmmaking Contest that aims to breathe life to well-loved pocketbook stories through the eyes of six talented filmmakers. They had made a special screening last September 3, 2016 which falls on a Saturday at 2 PM and it happened at Cinema 4 of SM City Manila. This special screening is free for media and to the avid followers and readers of PHR pocketbooks. We are also given a paper on which we will choose the best short film among the six finalist. The directors and some of the actors and actresses were also present at the event with their supporters. The writers of the novels of which the films were based upon were also present at the event. There is also a bring me game that were being done by the hosts to lighten up the mode of everybody and they asked to bring the six pocketbooks on which the films are based and gave a t-shirt as a prize. The media also was given two softdrinks, two hotdogs on a bun and one large cheese flavored popcorn.

Then the first three short films has been shown as follows: Apo Ni Rustica (The Girl In His Arms), Falling For You, Me, Myself and Peregrine. Out of these three films, the one that I liked the most is Apo ni Rustica but all the three of these short films are awesome. Falling for You is somewhat “bitin” and the Me, Myself and Peregrine is kinda ordinary for me. Unlike Apo ni Rustica which is kinda spooky and mysterious which is I like.

Then the last three short films has been shown as follows: Her Own Brand of Hero, If by Chance, and Unconventional.Out of these three films, the one that I loved and enjoyed the most is the Unconventional. The three films are great but for me the Her Own Brand of Hero is lacking more of the story aspect at it is kinda “bitin” but it is filled with so much “kilig”, then the If by Chance is kinda conventional and ordinary. Unconventional is the best out of the six films for me because it is really a perfect short film as it is not “Bitin” and it is filled with “kilig” and the best of all, the action.


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