CSM Grand Launching at MIBF 2016

Christian Strengthening Ministry’s (CSM) Grand Unveiling of New Resources happened last Friday, September 16, 2016 at around 5:30 PM at the SMX Stage Area for the 37th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) event. The theme for the launch is “Wisdom for Changing Times” and the theme verse came from Ephesians 5:15-16 – “Live wisely… Use every chance you have for doing good, because there are evil times.”. There are 47 titles to be launched at this event.

Ms. Haydee Sampang has made the opening statement and acted as the emcee for the event. Ms. Joy Solina then made the welcome remarks. Then the video about Pastor Ed Lapiz’ newest titles was being shown as he is not present during the event. After that, the first part of the launch has started with the books about “Resources on Financial Wisdom”. Then the first one to present his newest books is Mr. Rene Resurreccion. The titles of his newly launched books are “Pagbibigay”, Saving Money, Putting Up A Business, and Giving Generously. Then Mr. Marvin Germo took the stage and presented his newest book titled “Where Should You Invest?” in which he ended the first part of the launch.

Then they showed a video about the launch of the mini-book series. Then the second part of the launch has commenced with the theme “Love, Relationship, Marriage”. The first to speak is Ms. Grace Koo and she presented her book titled “One True Love”. The next is a video presentation about the book “The Values- Driven Heart” by Joey Bonifacio. The next is a video presentation about the book “My Husband’s Mistress is Me!” by Merlyn Guillermo which is about how to use the mistress’ mentality in keeping a good relationship with your husband. As she had said, you must think like a mistress in which they think and know that they do not hold any assurance on their partners so they doing their best to be beautiful, pleasurable and entertaining to their partners. Then the last one to present their book for the second part was Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Thammie Sy with their book titled “Why Settle for Good Sex When You Can Have Great Sex”.

Then an intermission number from the Guevara family which had brought joy to the audience. Then the third part of the launch which has the theme of “Family/Inspirational” has started. The first book to be presented under this part is the book by Grace D. Chong titled “Twin Blessings: Grace D. Chong’s Devoseries”. The next one is video presentation about the book by Steve Murell titled “My First, Second, and Third Attempt at Parenting. The last books that were presented in this part was by Chinkee Tan. He gave an advice to the audience about on becoming successful by copying and knowing the principle behind the formula and not just by copying the formula. He also said that a success without a successor is a failure. The book titled “Raising Up Money Wise Kids” in which he had co-written with his eldest daughter, Kayla Tan. Then the other book which is titled “Happy Wife, Happy Life” which he has co-written with his lovely wife, Mrs. Nove Ann Tan.

Then a video of the international book titles that would be part of the grand unveiling at the event were shown. Then the first to talk about their books in this part of the launch is Mr. Willy Chua with his book “Treasures Within Reach”. Then the next book is by Corazon Cleto which is titled “Buhay Pastor’s Wife” which tackles the life of a Pastor’s wife and the hardships and the rewards which is part of it. It also features a lot of comedic side of their adventures in teaching the word of God. The next is Finding Comfort by Nelson Dy. The next one is a video presentation about the books titled “Ministry Planning Made Easy Con. Tag.” and “Bible Teaching Made Easy Con. Tag.” By Lizette Knight. The next is one are the books of Mr. Rommel Guevara which is titled “#Usapang Worship Ministry 3” and “#Let’s Talk About Worship” which is the English version of the #Usapang Worship Ministry. These books are just short and they are more on graphics than words so these books are much easier to read. The final one to talk about their works is Pastor Joey Umali. It is about his book “Unli Rice 4” and its English version which is titled “Unlimited Rice 4”. He said that the book would give us spiritual food for half a year or 180 days.  This could also mean that you could have 180 degree turn or a complete reversal in which it means that you will get a change on your thinking and have an enlightenment after you read the book.

After all the writers had presented their books, Ms. Daffodil Dedel had said her thank you message. After that, the Grand Unveiling with the four tables representing the four parts of the launch with the books on top it. After it, Pastor Reuel Alfonso had spoken the prayer of dedication, dedicating the books to the Lord. After that, a photo session has been made with the authors and the organizers. Then the book signing by the authors ensued after.

This event was made by possible with the help of Light Network Channel 33: “Magaan Dito Kaibigan” as one of the media partner of the event as well as Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM) as the organizer and the writers and readers who gave their support.

To God Be The Glory!


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