Doble Mirada: Madrid-Manila

In the final two decades of Spanish rule in the Philippines, two expositions to stimulate trade and commercial activities were held. The EXPOSICIÓN GENERAL DE FILIPINAS in Madrid ran from June 30 to October 17, 1887 while the EXPOSICIÓN REGIONAL DE FILIPINAS in Manila lasted from January 23 to July 19, 1895.

More than 100 years later, DOBLE MIRADA: MADRID-MANILA will show photographs of the two expositions, as well as copies of paintings and rare books that were displayed therein, sourced from Filipinas Heritage Library, the Geronimo Berenguer de los Reyes Jr. Foundation, Inc., and museums and archives in the country and Spain. Curator Francisco G. Villanueva will talk about the colonial and economic implications of the two expositions, including Graciano Lopez-Jaena’s criticism against exhibiting Filipinos in Madrid, the participation of painters such as Luna and Hidalgo, and the contribution of businesses to these important yet little-known events.

The exhibit opening and curatorial talk will be held on November 5, Saturday, 3 PM at the Ayala Museum. The exhibit and talk are open for free to the public.

To register for this upcoming event, click here.


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