Massive Munchies in Manila

Two business-minded young individuals from Dumaguete City felt the need to bring an innovative, affordable yet tasty product in the market. Being intuitive and sensitive to the masses needs’ then; they were able to create what was needed by the populace and that is the start of Massive Munchies. They are serving beautiful hot pocket pies full of meat infused with both traditional and modern Filipino flavors with an Italian-Mexican twist at a reasonable price.

Massive Munchies has been in operation since 2014; with just one store initially branching out into 3 in just 2 years. Its massive success can be attributed to its taste and value for the price that has immediately captured the people of Dumaguete, known for its universities and laid back lifestyle.

Now, Massive Munchies wants to make its mark in the heart of Manila, so they decided to set a base and open up one store with plans to set-up 500 stores in the next 5 years. They have opened their store at Quiapo, Manila, which is their first store in Luzon, last Saturday, February 18, 2017.

They are planning to go nationwide and become the next big franchise. Massive Munchies is open for a franchise in both a full flagship store or a kiosk set-up. It starts in the country’s capital region, one store, one city at a time; conquering the masses and the elite with their delectable meal pocket pies that will surely make us crave and want more at a fraction of a cost of the usual go-to snack.

Their plan is to continue ensuring the quality of each MASSIVE MUNCHIES’ Pocket Pies that are handcrafted with only the best ingredients. Each hot pocket pie is prepared and cooked with the utmost care and love. Massive Munchies’ also continues to grow their menu as they are a dynamic and conventional in their food offerings in line with their mission to bring about only the best flavors to satisfy all tasty preferences of their customers, whether it be traditional, or the modern flavors in both the young and the old.

Massive Munchies’ current offerings consist of 4 amazing flavors to choose from. Each of the flavors are quite unique and are very much packed full of flavor. Each hot pocket meat pie cost around a measly Php 39 for it’s regular size to Php 59 for it’s King size option. Each of this delectable goodie is available for both dine-in (solo/combo meal) and take-out (5-10 pcs box) orders. They also offered a buy 1 take 1 offer last February 18, during their branch opening at Quiapo.

They are also planning to expand their menu with adding a lot more of go-to meals. They are also planning to add more new, innovative, budget-friendly and delicious pocket pie offerings. These new offerings are currently under development and will be available on the shop’s grand launch. Here are some of their incoming menu options:

Hotdog Sandwiches:

· Regular Hotdog, Jalapeno Dog, Cheesy Jalapeno Dog, Big Dog

Fusion Snacks:

· Messy Taco, Messy Bun, Kimchi Quesadilla, Fries


· Muddy Choco, Cold Brew Coffee, Slushies, Iced Teas

Other Flavors of Pocket Pies:

· Cheesy Sisig, Chicken Inasal, Cheesy Hungarian, Chocolate Fudge, Mango Bango, Apple Pie, Banana Caramel

For more information about the products and offers, please visit or contact thru the Offical Facebook Page of Massive Munchies or with their Instagram Account.


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