Praxis Cafe, Serving Up Financial Literacy By The Cup!

“4 out of 19 Filipinos have savings, but 7 out of 10 who have their savings keep their savings at home. Only 20.8% of those surveyed who are aware of life insurance actually have Life Insurance”

-Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) (

Sense for Money (SFM) has officially launched the Praxis Cafe today, February 23, 2017. Praxis Cafe is located at the second floor of Classica 1 Condominium, 112 H.V. Dela Costa st., Salcedo Village, Makati City. It is a game cafe devoted to improving the financial awareness of all who come and play Praxis. Prior to this launch, Praxis could only be played through Sense For Money’s corporate partners. “We felt the need to provide a direct avenue to consumers who aren’t reached by our corporate clients.” said Mari-an Albert, SFM Philippines CEO. “We at SFM strongly feel that financial literacy is a life skill that empowers and changes people’s lives -that’s why we encourage everyone to play whenever and wherever they can, whether at the Cafe or through our corporate partners. Regardless of where you play, players will experience a wide variety of gameplays.

Through the magic of play, Praxis makes complex financial concepts clear and easy to understand. Praxis gameplays engage players through a simulation of their financial lives. Since 2003, over half a million adults and children over eight countries have benefited from playing Praxis. It’s been used by teachers as an alternative learning activity, by families to start a conversation about the value of money and by businesses for employee wellness and to deepen customer relation.

Signing up for a game is easy. Visit You can also follow their Facebook Account: @praxiscafePH, where SFM regularly posts upcoming events including free games, Instagram Account: @praxiscafePH. You can also visit their website:


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