Hite Jinro: MasqueRave Party

Join in this momentous endeavor to make this year’s party, a successful event worth repeating and remembering. “Hite Jinro: MasqueRave Party” will happen on April 1 , 2017 at the Chaos Nightclub, City of Dreams Manila, Paranaque City.

Comma Entertainment is a Production company, originating from Korea that specializes in Party and Event Management. Its mission is to continue being the most qualified event production company by providing the best venues, event supplies, artists, celebrities, and video filming.

Hite Jinro Co., Ltd, one of their partner companies, specializes in the production of liquors such as beer, vodka and Korean soju. It was named as “Korea’s No. 1 Liquor Company”, surpassing 2 trillion won in sales by 2014. Hite is aiming to make a huge expansion of their business by exporting their products in different countries and introducing their products to the market through partnerships not just with different restaurants and KTVs but also with High -End Clubs, Lounge Bars, 5-6 star Hotels and other commercial venues.

For the previous years, both companies worked hand in hand in hosting several events in different countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, United States etc. and was given a very good feedback from our attendees and the brands they have managed.

This year, Hite targets the Philippine market and is planning to ramp up the entertainment value by partnering with one of the most recently opened nightclub, City of Dreams Manila. Also, they will be showcasing a great line-up of artists such as International DJs from Korea, Top DJs from the Philippines and a lot more!


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