Farmers’ Safety: UPL’s Commitment to the World

UPL held a media event last May 11, 2017 at the Yakan Function Room of Holiday Inn Makati. The media event started at 5:30 PM and ended at around 9 PM. This media event is held to help them propagate the information to the general public especially to the farmers. The topic about the media event is farmers’ safety.

UPL’s core vision is Doing Things Better. They want to help raise the bar in the agricultural sector in the country. UPL is the largest and fastest growing agrochemical company in the world even the company is still young. UPL is also a global leader in drought mitigation technology. UPL is currently present across 128 countries. They only have eight personnels here in the Philippines. Agrochemical is a general term to various chemicals that is applied in agricultural crops.

UPL’s commitment to the farmers is to provide different types of solutions to  address the different problems that our farmers are facing in agriculture”, said Mr. Marvin Angeles, the Senior Technical and Product Development Executive of UPL in the Philippines. He also said “The bigger the farmers’ yield, the bigger our smile”.

They also said that even organic products would be harmful and dangerous if it would be used in enormous quantities. They also answered some questions from the media. 

UPL is doing it’s best in providing for the safety of the farmers. They are making products such as pesticides, rodenticides, fungicides and the like which is easy and safe to use by the farmers as they mainly addresses the pests and diseases that plagues the plantations and farmlands. They were also educating the farmers so that they can have a better harvest. UPL is also continuing to provide quality products and assures the consumers that the fruits, grains and vegetables in which their product was been used are safe to eat. They are also now in business in selling seeds such as GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) corns which can even be planted during drought.

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