Business World Officially Launches SparkUp: A Platform for Business-Minded Millenials

After three decades of award-winning and quality economic and business reportage, BusinessWorld, the country’s leading business newspaper, introduces its newest successor in the age of disruptive innovation: SparkUp. It was officially released to the public last Saturday, June 10, 2017.

SparkUp is a space for the community of young, passionate, and wildly aspiring go-getters. Its assets include the website, social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @SparkUpPH, and a quarterly published magazine.

The direction for the digital-first multimedia platform came from Lucien C. Dy Tiocco, Executive Vice-President of Philippine Star Media Group, which BusinessWorld is part of. “SparkUp will prove to be a successful platform for business-minded millenials and centennials because it will not only serve as a source of business knowledge, but also a community where they can share ideas and inspire each other to turn business concepts into reality,” he said.

Created and designed for the next generation of business people especially the millenials. SparkUp willl not only turn BusinessWorld’s text-driven reports into creatively executed insights, but will bring forth original contents to excite its readers. A daily content hashtag categorizes the stories:

⦁ #MoneyMonday – Tips on money management, with the latest news on saving, investing, and spending;
⦁ #TrendingTuesday – Insights on the latest trends and their impact on entrepreneurs and consumers;
⦁ #WorkingWednesday – Workplace stories and tips for the Gen Y and Gen Z’s work ethics and career outlooks;
⦁ #TakeoverThursday – An insider tour of a day in the life of the members of the Sparkommunity;
⦁ #FreshFriday – Stories on the lighter side of business and balancing life and work.

Aside from stories created by its team of journalists, SparkUp will also deliver insights from industry icons called Sparkfluencers who are young and trending business influencers who have made it to the top. They will write columns and speak live in events to foster learning and inspirations.
In order to boost awareness of business terms, SparkUp introduces Sparktionary. This built-in dictionary provides digestible definitions through interactive executions readily available for every reader.

Signing up to SparkUp via will give users additional funtions and capabalities, such as contributing their own content, highlighting passages of interest, taking down notes, bookmarking stories, earning virtual coins, collecting badges, accessing the marketplace and participating in a gamified platform.

First and only of its kind, SparkUp turns the need for daily business fix into a fun game. Logged-in users can earn as much coins as they can, especially when engagement in the website increases. In addition to this, badges can be colleected by following a set of parameters, such as getting your contributed story to the home page, this leads to the accumulation of more coins which can be instantly used to buy items at the Marketplace, including actual copies of the print issue and passes to SparkUp events.

SparkUp will also regularly hold a series of events aimed at empowering the Sparkommunity. Among these events are entrepreneurial summits, pocket forums, campus activations, start-up competitions, and case-study activities. These will enable members of the Sparkommunity to learn, meet up, network, and find potential mentors, partners, and clients.

To know more about SparkUp, visit and follow @SparkUpPH on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For inquiries, you can email


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