G.A.M.E with Olan “Oi” Ignacio PressCon


We all Filipinos should be entitled to our freedom as we are celebrating today the 119th year anniversary of Philippine Independence from the Spaniards. But most of the Filipinos do not enjoy one of the most important freedom and that is the Financial Freedom. Most of the Filipinos do have large sums of debt and their monthly salaries do not meet what they need to provide all the necessities that they families need. They were also doomed to suffer more when they reach the retirement age as they need more money for their medicines but the retirement pension that they would receive would be much less than the monthly salaries that they receive when they are still working.

But there is a solution to this problem and that is to learn how to put up a business and make some investment. But there is also another problem that arises from this, where should you learn about this stuffs? The seminars and books that were provided to teach you about this things is worth thousands of pesos. The resource speakers were not that knowledgeable practically but theoretically which is another problem because most of the theories are not applicable to the real world as there many scenarios that happen in the real life that they have not taken into consideration when they are creating these theories.

There is one experienced businessman and speaker here in the Philippines who also know the problems of being poor as he was born poor and became a gang leader during teenage years but found God later on and lead many to the light. He became a top salesman in some of Multi-level Networking Companies and the current CEO of Life@Work Management Consultancy. He is no other than Mr. Olan “Oi” Ignacio, The EnterTrainer. He is also a ventriloquist. He is an experience trainer but he also put some entertainment value to it so that the people would listen and they would also become happy and prosperous.

He held a press conference at the Kabayan Hotel last Friday, June 9, 2017 to talk about his upcoming seminar entitled “G.A.M.E.: Goal Attraction and Mind Mapping Exercises”. Even it rained so hard that day and the traffic is heavier than the usual because of the rain, many of the press people came because we know that we will learn a lot of valuable things that would help in our profession.

He will also teach about the eight processes to achieve your goal. He talked about the first four in the press conference. The first four are: dream, wish, vision, and personal vision. He will also teach about how someone could be rich and happy at the same time.

The Art, Science and Spirit of Goal Setting and Getting G.A.M.E : Goal, Attraction and Mind-Mapping Exercise will be held on July 8, 2017, from 1:00 P.M. up to 5:00 P.M. wherein the registration starts at 12:00 NN. It will be held at the Megatrade Hall 1/2, 5th level, Level B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.


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