One Connection, One Nation: DICT Launches Top Priority Projects

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) focuses the spotlight on three of its most important projects last June 23, 2017. One Connection, One Nation, an event that was held at the Diamond Hotel Manila which signified the launch of the National Government Portal (NGP), the unveiling of the National Broadband Plan (NBP), and the reintroduction of the refocused Pipol Konek Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project. The launch was attended by more than a hundred people in which most came from the public sector. This launch aims of enhancing government operations and streamlining delivery of government services across the nation and also the internet connectivity across the countryside.

The NGP shall serve as a one-stop gateway for all online government content and transactions, may it be from the national government or from the local government. This will provide the citizens easy access to online government services that they may need from different offices and agencies and will lessen the time of transaction and eliminating the red tape. The NGP can be accessed thru
The NBP is created to establish the blueprint for infostructures enabling access to services among the unserved and underserved towards the countryside. This was created to improved communication and transaction channels. The connectivity within the country will be better and faster. This was a revival of the project of the former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
The DICT aims to bring within arms-reach digital opportunities to every Filipino by providing internet access through the Pipol Konek. This also aims to connect the people to their government and to their fellow countrymen. This will help the students in their researches. The masses that cannot afford the costly fast internet connections will also benefit from this as they can communicate with other people in the internet for free.
All three projects seamlessly intertwine to bring a better Philippine ICT by accelerating infrastructures and systems development. This will stimulate economic growth and enable the citizenry especially in the countryside. This will also help in having a better communication network in the country that can be used during an emergency situation or a calamity.
During the event, they also discussed and talked about the Open Data. The data can be accessed by the developers that can utilize the data in making a useful application and by the data scientist that can analyze and make a useful study and report about the data.
One Connection, One Nation gathers partner organizations, government agencies and offices in a call for the integration of its respective online contents and services into the NGP, its cooperation and support in the implementation of the NBP, and in the rollout of Pipol Konek throughout the country. This will foster a one digitized Philippine government, and a united, one nation for all Filipinos.


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