BPI Sinag Accelerate: Helping Social Enterprises Accelerate To Their Best

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Foundation holds their annual BPI Sinag Awards. This is their third year this 2017 and they are in search for the next BPI Sinag Accelerate awardees. They are in search of new sets of innvovative Social Entrepreneurs. BPI Sinag Accelerate are for those Social Enterprises that were operating for more than 2 years.

BPI Sinag Accelerate SE Profile

The benefits to those who will win in BPI Sinag Accelerate are the following: bootcamps, cash grants, advertising lineage, and credit line. The participants of the BPI Accelerate will have the opportunity to attend the business bootcamps and in-depth mentoring with the industry Experts and Investors. The Top  5 Awardees will be awarded with Php 500,000 of cash grants and Php 100,000 each for the next five awardees. The awardees will also be given Php 50,000 worth of advertising mileage via Facebook Promoted Post. The awardees will also get access to a credit line from BPI Ka Negosyo. There is also one Social Enterprise that will win the Online People’s Choice Awards with the cash prize of Php 20,000.

BPI Sinag Accelerate SE Opportunities

Here are the list of the awardees of the previous BPI Sinag Accelerate:

The awardees for 2015 are Bayani Brew, Agmula, Habi Footwear, CocoAsenso, First Harvest, Karaw Craftventures, Plush & Play, Siglo, Virtualahan, Micromedics. The awardees for 2016 are Akaba Ltd. Design Co., Balangay’s Best, Camotes Coop, Citihub, Dalareich Food Products, Fresh Start Organics, Kapwa Greens, LASIWWAI, Organic Options, The Churner Group.

To those who are interested to apply to the program, here is how you can do it:

  1. Visit BPI Sinag website at sinag.bpifoundation.org
  2. Click on the Apply Now and download the Sinag Accelerate Application Form and lastly,
  3. Fill out the Form and e-mail it to the bpisinag@gmail.com

The deadline for submitting your forms to the BPI Sinag Accelerate would be on Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 12 nn.


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