BPI Sinag Blogger’s Picnic

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Foundation held a BPI Sinag Blogger’s Picnic last Friday, July 7, 2017. It was held at Melendres Farms which is located at Antipolo City, Rizal. This was held in this farm as to have a refreshing picnic and interaction with the bloggers as they are going to explain what is BPI Sinag. One of the awardees of the BPI Sinag is Organic Options which is the marketing arm of Melendres Farms. Every blogger was also given a Bayani Brew drink.

The bloggers were also toured around the farm. The farm uses organic fertilizers and pesticides. They are also feeding their animals with fruits and vegetables. Melendres Farms also practice good labor practices such as giving their employees minimum wages and vegetable allowance.

BPI Sinag is a competition by BPI Foundation in which they choose the best 10 Social Enterprises and it is on its third year now. The top 5 awardees will be given Php 500,000 as the prize. BPI will also help them network their products and will invite them on BPI Foundation events. Social Enterprises are companies that focuses on three P’s which are People, Planet, and Profit which is different from the traditional companies that just focuses on profit. BPI Sinag is divided into two categories: The Sinag U and Sinag Accelerate. Sinag U is for students especially those in college and universities while Sinag Accelerate are for those entrepreneurs, may it be a Filipino or a foreigner, who have their Social Enterprises running for more than two years and they are atleast 18 years of age. The deadline for submitting your entry is on Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 12nn.

I am thanking Ms. Apple for inviting us in this wonderful event. I have learned so much about Social Enterprises. I am also thanking Ms. Cristina ‘Tin’ Gonzales for referring me to Ms. Apple. I am also thanking BPI Foundation for inviting us in this wonderful affair and also to the staffs for being courteous to us. I am also thanking Bayani Brew, Akaba, Organic Options, Melendres Farms and to the other Social Enterprises.


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