Medgate: Bridging Filipinos To Medical Professionals for Professional Consultation

Medical Consultation in the Philippines is really a big headache for the Filipinos. There are so many problems with having to consult with a doctor. You will be facing traffic jams and long lines of queue in our trains.

You will be facing more problems during rainy season as you need to get past those flooded areas just to reach the nearest hospital!
When you finally arrive at the hospital or clinic, you will also wait in long lines just to consult a doctor and sometimes the doctor would not arrive. Sometimes, you will be cut-off because the doctor needs to go somewhere else.
The price of medical consultations is also expensive even though you would only have around 5-10 minutes to talk to the doctor. The situation is far worse in public hospitals.
There are some companies that provide telemedicine here in the Philippines. However, these companies simply connect the doctor to the patient (much like an Uber or Grab app) and the applications they developed don’t use encryption so there are higher risk of your information being taken by others.
The other problem is that these companies are not ready to cater to service the Filipinos as they are owned by foreigners and they had not designed their system to help diagnose and treat the diseases that are frequent in the Philippines.
Now, Medgate Philippines is here to solve these problems. Medgate has especially modified their service to the needs of Filipinos.
Their app, Medgate PH, keeps your information and the data you send (such as photos) safe and secure via encryption.
Medgate Philippines’ doctors are actually in the office, ready to give consultation 24/7. You can also request a call back from them.
If you have HMO membership, you can avail of the service at no extra charge to you.
Here’s the list of their partners:
  • Intellicare
  • HPPI – Health Plan Philippines, Inc.
  • Insular Health Care
  • Cocolife – United Coconut Planters Life Assurance
  • AVEGA Managed Care, Inc.
  • Generali Life Assurance Philippines, Inc.
  • PNB Savings Bank
If you don’t have HMO membership, you can still experience Medgate’s service. You only have to pay Php 2,000 for a year of unlimited consultation and that includes consultation with the specialists.
Payment should be deposited to:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 000-006945-293
The Deposit slip should be sent to
Currently, they do not have dentists and psychiatrists to their team.


You can know more about Medgate Philippines by going to these sites:





App Downloads:




Medgate Hotlines:

Manila: 02 705 0700

Cebu: 032 265 5111

Davao: 082 285 5111

Dumaguete: 035 522 5111

Globe: 0917 536 2156

Smart: 0998 990 7540

Sun: 0925 714 7794


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