Agrilink 2017: 24 YEARS OF AGRILINK

Agrilink 2017 along with FoodLink 2017 and AquaLink 2017 will be held tomorrow, October 5, 2017 up to October 7, 2017 at World Trade Center, Manila.

It has been 24 years since Piglink `94 kicked off in Davao City and it was once conceived to be a livestock show grew and expanded into the country’s biggest and most respected leader in agribusiness exhibition. For the past 24 years, the organizers of Agrilink have been pulling off wonderful surprises showcasing the best of agricultural products, information, technologies, market linkages and promotions to the whole agribusiness community and the general public. This year, Agrilink comes full circle as it focuses on Region XI, the same region where Piglink `94 started, and also known as the fruit basket of the country.  With its timely and relevant theme “Improved Varieties and Postharvest Facilities: Essential to Profitability,” Agrilink makes another innovative move as it presents an exciting show that is sure to surprise yet again its loyal followers!


Adopting improved crop varieties is one way for farmers to increase their productivity and incomes. Research from international agricultural organizations reveal that agricultural growth and development is not possible without yield-enhancing technological options, because merely expanding the area under cultivation to meet increasing food needs of growing populations is no longer sufficient. Improved crop varieties are more tolerant to plant pests and diseases
and were developed to withstand extreme weather conditions like drought and floods. However, once harvested, improved crop varieties still need to be handled properly in order to reach the consumers at its highest quality. This is where postharvest facilities come in. The machines and equipment used to grade, wash, wax, sort, pack and store the products before they are brought to the market play a very important role in the whole marketing chain and are thus deemed essential to profitability. There is also the need for processing and value adding to maximize use of seasonal supply.




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